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Massey Ferguson Plough Parts & MF disc plough
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Massey Ferguson Plough Parts & MF disc plough

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MF plough

As the leading provider of Massey Ferguson Disc Plough in China. Our range of Mounted Disc Plough is flawless and glitch free. These features make them the most preferred in the industry. Our Mounted Disc Ploughs are preferred in the market for various features which are as follows:

Can work upon all types of soil

Available with 2,3 or 4 disc options

Can plough large roots and other obstructions

Outstanding penetration

Build in depth control

Under frame as well as unit to unit clearance

MF plough disc

Plough Disc MF

We provide these in various ranges which are as follows:

Massey Ferguson

- Plough Disc 26" x 5MM

- Plough Disc 26"x6MM

- Plough Disc 28"x6MM

PCD: 228mm, 5 holes.

Material 65Mn steel, HRC 38-44

30MnB Boron steel, HRC 48-52.

We are into manufacturing and exporting of quality range Plough Discs. These are strong and durable, and are fabricated from high grade materials which render them qualities of anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion.

MF plough hub

MF Plough Bracket Kit constitutes the following parts/ components:

Bearing 32213

Bearing 32210

M.F. Plough bracket 

Hub for M.F. Plough 

Dust cap M.F. Plough 

Felt seal 

Nut for M.F. Plough 

Metal seal

Quarter pin

plough lower link pin

Plough Lower Link Pin

Plough Pin with Nut & Spring Washer 1 x 1 1/8"Thread CAT-II

Plough Square Head Bolt

Plough Square Head Bolt


plow square head bolt

Plough Square Head Bolt

We manufacture high grade Plough SQ. Bolt with Nut & Spring Washer. These are specifically designed to provide optimum performance.

We provide in a wide range as given below:

1 X 5"

1 X 6"

Hub replacement for Massey Ferguson Disc Plough

Forging Plough Hub MF

Bearing 3984/20

Bearing 3782/20


Bearing 32213

Bearing 32210

 Farrow Wheel Spring Kit MF Farrow Wheel Spring Kit MF

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