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How to make disc blade?
we offer a variety of disc blades to fit your tillage needs. Also known as disc harrow blades and plow discs, we offer plain and notched disc blades that range from 12 inches in diameter to 40 inches. Disc blade thicknesses range from 3 mm to 12 mm to fit your soil conditions. We also offer disc harrow blades with standard and deep cone concavities.
Center hole punches include round, square, square by round and square by square center holes. Koko company produce disc blades with Both 65Mn and Boron Steel. 65Mn steel disc blade hardness is HRC40-44 and Boron Steel disc blades hardness is 48-52HRC. Each disc blade is heat treat for better flexibility and durability. 
1、Cutting the material to suitable size for disc blade by steel ring unfold shear equipment.
2、Cutting the square steel to round and punching.
3、Cutting edge, plough disc blade. Notched harrow disc blade
4、Oil heat treatment of 65Mn disc blade. Water heat treatment of 30MnB Boron disc blade.
5、Shot blasting remove rust and scale cinder of disc blade.
6、Power painting for disc blade 
How to choose of disc blade Bevel.
Normally the harrow disc blade is outside bevel, plough disc is outside bevel. Double bevel is sharper.
Disc blades come in different shapes and sizes from Koko to handle different types of soil and different types of farm implements. Plain disc harrow blades provide careful control over soil tillage, with the size and concavity of the blades determining how much soil is being inverted. Notched disc blades give an aggressive cutting action for soil penetration and cutting through leftover vegetation. Match your farm disc blades to your agricultural needs, and we can help.
With hundreds of disc blades to choose from, we can match the blades you have used up with replacement disc harrow blades. Get new disc harrow blades and quit wasting time and diesel fuel trying to disc with worn-out blades. Replace notched disc blades before they start looking like plain blades so that you are properly tilling your soil for a better crop yield. We have the farm disc blades in the thickness, size and bolt-hole configurations you are looking for.
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